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How do I connect my Vibrator to Smart phone via Bluetooth?

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your mobile phone.
  2. Open the Monster Pub® App.
  3. Press the Power Button of vibrator for more than 2 seconds.
  4. Wait for an automatic connection with Monster Pub App .

Tips: Do not try to connect via Bluetooth in your phone settings. Monster Pub Toys connect with smart phone directly through the Monster Pub® App.

I have followed the steps, but still cannot connect my device to the App!

If you can't connect with the App, please follow these steps:

The device should be an Excited or Premium version; Check that you have sufficient battery power; Check for any App updates; Uninstall and reinstall the App again.

If you still can't connect with the App, please contact the after-sale service.

How far can the remote control function be controlled?

Our toys are controlled through App, and can be easily connected no matter how far away.
It has a variety of vibration modes, which can be controlled freely through mobile phones.

How can I play via
remote control?

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Please confirm the version of your device. Version "Fun" does not support remote control vibrator; Please tap "Remote Control" and send an invitation to the receiver via Line/Kakao Talk/Wechat/WhatsApp /iMessage. The person that you invite can tap the link to start remote control.

Why is my device not charging?

If the Monster can charge normally, but there is no long-press feedback or reaction after charging for 3 hours, the device may have hardware problems. Please contact the customer service for further assistance if your device is still within the warranty period.                           

Low power may cause the indicator light to turn off.

Typically, the charging process needs 2-3 hours. Please wait patiently if the battery is extremely low. The indicator light will flash gradually after charging for a while.                                           

 Tips: abnormal means the indicator light remains off after inserting the charger.

How do I play Action-Reaction?

The Action-Reaction mode is designed for the Monster Pub® 2 series. Monsters will react with different vibrations by distinguishing the body's or phone's gestures.

Tap Action-Reaction to experience an all-new function.

How do I quit "Play"?

Press the two X buttons at the same time to quit the control module.

How can I fix Remote Control failure?

Please change your internet if it shows "connection fails", "waiting for your partner" and "partner has left" .Try to install the app again or send the link again.

Tips: Remote control requires a high quality internet connection. 

Kegel FAQs

Kegel exercises help a lot for your health. We recommend every girl to implement kegel exercises into their daily routine.

How do I use the Kegel exercise feature?

Please check your device version. Only the Premium version can use the Kegel function to test your data. You can do Kegels to exercise your PC muscles by following the voice and course inside the App through the device sensor.

My Monster is a Premium version, but there is no data when I do Kegel exercise, why?

Don't put the Premium Monster inside deeply. Deep placement may cause incorrect detection of Kegel data.

What’s the difference of all version?

monster pub version difference