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Bo Liu

Founder of Monster Pub and CEO of SISTALK
Senior crossover-product designer
Senior user experience specialist 
Graduate of Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University
Senior designer Sony UXC
Co-founder of ZAPYA app with over 400 million users
2008 German Red Dot Design Award
2017 German Red Dot Design Award
2017 German iF Design Award
2018 Consumption-upgrade Innovation Award of China Light Industry Council

With its advantages in brand, UX, crossover-product design and the combination of software and hardware, Monster Pub has become the leading female pleasure brand in China and created a wonderful life that deserves to be shared.

The value of design is realized through its commercialized merchandise and  attached values. Only the widely-recognized and useful design can beautify our life and change the world.

Monster Pub News

Focusing on women's health and exploring the joys of the unknown, Monster Pub shares more interesting information with Love & Respect
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